Welcome to The Wells of Kardia

Current Campaign: War of the Red Queen

Kardia takes place on the continent of Kailgius. It is much like other campaign settings, but with a couple of things I believe are lacking in the general stem of Campaigns, which I hope to correct. First the general euro-centric understanding of D&D. All elves, humans, halflings, gnomes, dwarfs and other are just different European cultures. In this Campaign world, it is about diversity. Of culture, of language, every race has a different aspect of this world that is being brought in. This allows a better represented world and gaming atmosphere. Second for too long D&D has been set in a pluralistic and relativistic world setting of Religion, where you have a pantheon and this other race has a pantheon and they both exist, not so in Kardia. Religion matter more then just a domain. Most societies are shaped by the religion in Kardia and it has a noticeable effect on the climate of the world. Pantheons, Monotheism, Dualism, Pantheism, Philosophies and Cults all exist and are vying for the hearts and minds of the people. Third, history is too nice in most D&D settings, and is spoken of in a modernistic fashion. Most histories are conflicting and that is a large part of Kardia, histories are told from cultural points of views, instead of over-arching meta narratives.