Character Creation and House Rules


  • Karida uses the 28 system point buy. If you are not familliar here is an easy way to understand. . Buy the points then add your racial modifiers.
  • Max Hit point at first level. 3/4 Hit points for every level after that so (3 for d4, 4 for d6, 6 for d8, 7 on odd levels 8 on even levels for d10, and 9 for d12)
  • The races usesed in Kardia are different from the PHB. Please check them out on the Races page.
  • Though we use a 3.5 system, I use 22 Classes. I have modified many of them and improved them. Please consolt the Classes Page.
  • There are no prestige classes in my campaign world, but most of the classes are buffed and you have 22 to choose from.
  • If your character joins a group that has already received a level from their adventures you will start a level lower then the average of the group.
  • Leadership and Cohorts may be used however once the group gets to the point of 6 PCs then leadership is not available.
  • Cohorts have a point buy of 24, they are junior members of your party and are not as good.


  • If you roll a natural 20 you always succeed, no matter how hard the task, this is to represent that it is not all cold hard numbers running everything.
  • If you roll a natural 1 you always fail and something horrible happens in the process.
  • There are no prestige classes in my campaign world, but most of the classes are buffed and you have 20 to choose from.
  • Death Point: It is harder to die in my campaign depending on your class. Instead of dying at -10 you a character dies at -10 + there starting hit points. For example, Timmy is a 1st level Barbarian Dwarf his con is 18 so his starting hp is 16 (12 for Barbarian +4 for his Con = 16). He adds that 16 to the 10 and he gets 26, Timmy’s Dwarf will die at -26 hp, which is called his Death Point.
  • Acid: If you are hit with acid and fail your reflex save, there is a chance that you may loose 1 point of Cha. The percentage chance is that of the damage taken. A regeneration spell will take off the damage but a restoration and lesser restoration may not.
  • Attendance. Everyone has real lives, and with that comes real responsibilities, thus some times your going to have to miss a game. I ask that you inform me at least 3 days in advance. Now if Grandma dies or other situations like that happen, I understand but if friends came into town and you forgot about D&D I have a problem, because it takes a lot of work to set up a game and I ask that you equal my commitment level. I have a 2 strike policy after that I will ask that you leave.


In D&D there are many things that are evil dependent upon culture, however in the world of Kailgius, there are evils that tran-send cultures. Here are some of them.

  • Death. Much like in other campaigns death is a big deal, but much more in this one. Resurrection is not an available spell on any spell list nor any that follow in that vien. Dead is dead. Talking with the dead is unknown to PC.
  • Undead. Despite Death being a big deal, undead continue to exist, no one can explain this per-se however, the only ones that practice and teach this art is the Cult of the Black Dawn and Bloodrust, and the Death Giants of Old. Necromancy spells that create undead are not accessible to PC.
  • The Planes. All Planar knowledge is unknown and planar travel magic is unknown. Planar creatures do exist on Kailgius but they do not share nor explain there origins. The only plane known to exist is Kailgius. No Class has access to Knowledge (Planes).

Unknown Spells to PCs and Spells
Speak with Dead
Animate Dead
Planar Ally, Lesser
Raise Dead
Planar Ally
Planar Ally, Greater
True Resurrection
Astral Projection

Character Creation and House Rules

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