Common Knowledge

The Tone Of The World is one of great mystery. Consistently, areas of great knowledge and history have been destroyed through unfortunate events leading some people to rewrite history for their own gain, while others still try to search for truth. On the other hand skepticism is a rising force, due to so many different historical and religious truth claims. However all history for the past 1,600 years has been agreed upon by the majority of races and most importantly, historians. Before that, few can agree.

Trolls And Other Giants are the great bane of every race in Kailgius. Each giant kind is ruled by their God-like King, called Nephilims. They have seen the world as theirs since time began and have fought the races of Kailgius in countless wars. The greatest war with the giants, dubbed Grawlsnark’s Reckoning by most historians, saw huge social and racial upheavals by the time it was over, changing Kailgius forever.

The Emperor And Imperial Elves are cursed and hated by most races due to their enslavement of the entire races of Humans, Lizardfolk, and Nivhms. The Emperor is considered a God by a quarter of the continen and has no other name. He has ruled the Imperial Elves and most of the northern parts of Kailgius since the dawn of time, or so they claim. Only a thousand years ago, after The Siege of Ironlance did the Emperor recognize a human kingdom. Arrogance has been the Imperial Elves’ downfall in the last thousand years and few see little reason to change, since their empire is still vast and powerful. Elves are Lawful or neutral almost never Chaotic. Elves in the West (Imperial Elves, Shadow Elves and Silver Elves) have a very heavy Oriental aspect to them, while Elves in the East are more European Flare.

Magic Is Powerful, common in areas such as Oplentia, where the great Wizard University trains thousands of wizards each year, or Silversun, where divine and arcane magic flow freely to further the cause of good. However, other parts such as Davenport refuse to use divine or arcane magic, or Bellum where ordinary life rarely sees magic at all except for hearing them in ballads and poems. Planar travel is very rare and forbidden by Universities along with consorting with outsiders from other planes. Most societies have seen only destruction and mayhem when an outsider is involved. Psionics and other forms of quasi magic do not exist.

Religion and World Views are a large part of Kailgius. The campaign uses a multi-religious system which basically means, there are multiple ways of viewing the world. The Religions are looking to make new converts, so evangelist are all over the place spreading their version of the “good news.” Religion is also a major tension where many faiths in the land struggle for control and influence. Everyone that claims a viewpoint could be lying or telling the truth.

All of the Uncivilized Races don’t exist. They never have. The only Goblinnoid that exists is Hobgoblins but they are called Farisins and are available as PCs. Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, Bugbears, Trogs, Kao-toa, Drow, Kobolds POOF gone.

Common Knowledge

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