The whole story of the beginning is one big mess, which I doubt I will ever understand or agree upon for that matter. But the beginning of history I can tackle. It revolves around a predominantly human city in the Northern Middlish of Kailgius named Ironlace, how it was founded, nobody can agree on, but most point to the briar gnomes, for they are the ones who first took magic to human kind. They taught us how to think for ourselves, a change indeed! Ironlace, the city that was a bastion to all races.

Oh woe, to what that city is today!

—The History and Lands of Kailgius by Tuvia Brownhat

0—Founding of Ironlance. Ironlance was a small mining town located on the Fist Penisula in Weeping Sea. It founding is considered the start of history, everything is referred to as Pre Ironlance or Post Ironlance.

75—Ironlance Becomes The Largest Free City. A place of integration and equality for the elves, gnomes, dwarves and humans. Gaining wealth off of the rich veins of iron and being a boom town for trading.

155-162—Elven Wars. Having many small unaccounted skirmishes before, the Empire decided to crush the momentum of these “free cities” popping up all over the East. The war was long and brutal, with the empire winning all of the battles in the first part but everything changed after The Siege of Ironlance.

160-161—The Siege of Ironlance. One of the most famous series of battles in all the lands, where three armies and the armada of the Empire were decimated by the human forces of Ironlance. The Green Wyrm, Akui, was also killed. Strategist will ponder about these battles forever as the tactics performed by General Balswin and the human defenders were strokes of genius.

165—Treaty of Elves. The document that cut the Empire in half, allowing the East to govern themselves. The Terasu (Silver) Elves break away from the empire and establish their own monarchy, while free cities gain true independence.

167—Balswin I Crowned King of Ironlance and First Emperor of Helios Empire. After the Treaty of Elves the fear that the Imperial Elves would attack again many of the city-states joined together in Ironlance to form an empire of equality and peace, not by force of arms. As a gesture of respect and gratitude the Empire was named after the gnomish word for sun.

190-216—Karadin Keep Built. The largest military fortress built for the Helios Empire as a major defense point against the imperial elves. Its towers are tall and foundations are deep. Since its construction, it has never been taken.

242—Qulan Founded. The great wizard Rosuel and his wizard colleagues, founded the first wizard university where people from every race could come to learn magic from him for a price.

The Golden Age

250-500 [B]The Golden Age of Helios Empire.[/B] This 250 year time period was marked by huge advancements in magic, peace, and prosperity. Little wars were fought and many other kingdoms entered the empire.

250-287 [B]The Seasons of Faith.[/B] With the loss of faith in the emperor as a God among the humans of the east, and the gnomes having little acknowledging a religion, the Dwarves sent hundreds of missionaries throughout the east, among whom Abdas was the most successful. His famous sermon [I]Of Angels and Men[/I] led to the conversions of thousands to the Hebdomad. Nearly the entire Helios Empire was converted over three decades.

295 [B]Lion Knights Commissioned.[/B] Men of exceptional bravery and highest of morals were commissioned as the Lion Knights to keep peace, protect the people and uphold the law of the land. They were marked by their Dire Lions that they rode on from city to city.

320 [B]The Red Treaty.[/B] Unable to deal with the packs of displacer beast roaming the Scarlet Shroomstocks, King Nemesio of Ksawery Kingdom (Cerise Halfling or redlings Kingdom) ask the Helios Empire for aid. The Helios Empire quickly responded sending its best rangers backed by a small army to hunt down the evil foe almost to the point of extinction. Impressed by the gracious attitude and willingness of Emperor Alastar, King Nemesio ask to join the empire to further protection and trade.

325-377 [B]The Plow Expansion.[/B] Due to overpopulation in Ironlance and other major cities, Emperor Alastar wished to expand in to the Mivilorn Fields. Lords were offered tracks of land and promised a Keep for their children. The Plan was known as the Plow Expansion and thousands of urban dwelling people left for the southern frontiers of the Mivilorn Fields. 354 [B]Treaty of Grains.[/B] As more and more people flooded into the Mivilorn Fields tensions rose between the citizens of the Helios Empire and the nomadic tribes of Halflings (Prairie Halflings). Emperor Calhoun seeing the possibility of a war brewing, held a meeting with the seven tribes of halflings promising protection from the ravaging hill giants and tribute of grains for plots of land. All but one tribe agreed, the Raven Tribe, which moved farther west. The Mivilorn Fields become part of the Helios Empire.

381-384 [B]Haraldur’s War.[/B] The hill giant’s Nephilim, Haraldur, was outrage when one of his sons was brought back dead from a raiding party on the Helios Empire. Haraldur used the Qara, calling all hill giants to make war on the Helios Empire. The hill giants lost every battle and were eventually surrounded in the Dusk Hills, where they surrendered. Haraldur signed a treaty promising to never attack the Helios Empire

395 [B]Duke O’Rourke.[/B] For his bravery among the Lion Knight, Dougal “Giantkiller” O’Rourke, he was given the title of Duke and a Castle to oversea the expansion over the Mivilorn Fields in the East.

413-415 [B]The Veil Wars. [/B]As trade expanded more and more by sea, unknown to both the Imperial Empire and the Helios Empire, A dark city was being built by a trio known as the Hag Queens. Using their illusionary magic and thousands of pirates, they disguised ships to look like the other forces, trying to draw the two empires towards war. Before the armadas met for battle, a group of Helios Spies infiltrated the city known as Ickqewazel, the Pirate Haven, and reported the plot to Emperor Rian. After hearing the news, the Armada was called back and an alliance blockade was set up around Witch Harbor, sealing off Ickqelwazel’s port.

420-435 [B]Gabrator’s Terror.[/B] The Great Black Wrym known as Gabrator, wrecked havoc upon both empires. Convinced by his daughter to expand his treasure beyond epic proportion. Gabrator destroyed the alliance blockade and hundreds of port cities during his reign. His terror was ended by a elite group of imperial elves and a group of adventurers from Helios Empire.

467-483 [B]Rico and Jin Travels.[/B] Two adventures were commissioned by the Helios Empire to travel Kailgius. They had three goals: to map the entire continent, to be representatives and ambassadors to other nations, and to give an accurate account of trade routes and obstacles. Their famous book [I]Sixteen Year Saga.[/I] is still cited by many historians as one of the first books of history.

494 [B]Opening of the Silver Gates.[/B] Due to the lowering of tensions between the empires, the Terasu Kingdom opened its gates and trading ports to both empires. Silver and Mithral flooded the Helios Empire.

The Century of Tears

501-614 The Century of Tears. This time period of a little more then a hundred years saw war after war, and the rain fell on the just and the unjust.

501–516 The Great War. Under the rule of Sulad the Destroyer, the Southern barghest lords launch the largest invasion known to man with the Farsin Horse Lords and Pirate Kings. Hundreds of thousands died in the wake of Sulad’s Armies.

502 Battle of the Rose. The most devastating battles took place on gnome soil. The Battle of Rose City was the last major battle in the gnome kingdoms where Cyrille the Last of the gnome kings was killed by Sulad himself. Within the following weeks all the gnome kingdoms were burned to the ground. A handful of gnomes were able to escape the destruction.

509 The Siege of O’Rourke Castle. The O’Rourke and the Rangers of the north started to use gorilla warfare eventually breaking the siege due to overwhelming losses. Considered a turning point in the Eastern Wars.

514 The Guyatin & Danka Gnomes Enter the War. As the battles between the Helios Empire and Sulad’s Confederation reached more stalemates, Abhai, King of the Guyatin entered the war and cut of the supply lines to the south. Huy, King of the Danka Gnomes blockaded Sulad’s flow of resources from the sea.

515 The Battle of the 12 Armies. On the Hand Peninsula, all the races of Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Guyatin, Halflings and Humans gathered to wage War against Sulad The Destroyer. The battle lasted 5 days, and over 5 million died, with the O’Rourke forces showing up on the finale day to flank Sulad with thousands of Archers and feyfolk. Sulad was killed the finale night by Prince Valérien of the Briar gnomes.

516 Treaty of the Tetra. The Treaty signed by 9 (Shadow and Imperial elves and D Dwarfs) out of the 12 races vowed to restore peace to the lands of Kailgius. The living Farsins were imprisoned and vowed to be dealt with later and the Barghest Lords executed.

521 The Night of Silver Daggers. A small group of Briar gnomes infiltrated Rust Dungeon of Ironlance and slaughtered over a hundred Farsin, mostly women and children. The gnomes were caught the following weeks and executed by Emperor Tristan.

521 Darksight Built. As a form of protection to the remaining farsins, camps were created to keep them from the public and as a form of labor to the nearby quarry. The wardens were all human due to the fear of other races taking revenge

524 Rosethorn Founded. As tensions rose in the empire, Prince Valérien proposed the founding and building of a new home for the gnomes in the Forest of Briarwood. Since only a few hundred gnomes were left most of the city inhabitants were other races.

537-541 Grawlsnark Reckoning. Nobody knows why or how Grawlsnark came to be a Nephilim, but the chaos that erupted upon Kailgius was legendary once he became one. The Imperial Elves were overwhelmed by Western Troll horde numbers and lost many battles to them. The Helios Empire, already crippled by the Great War, fought hard but were likewise overwhelmed by Grawlsnark’s Eastern Troll horde. The finale battle was the Battle of Greyrock where Grawlsnark was decapitated but not killed

541 Battle of Greyrock. At Karadin Keep is where Grawlsnark rampage was put to an end by Helios Empire and Imperial Empire armies. Grawlsnark was decapitated and captured, severing head from body of a nephilim created untold magical instability and mortally wounding the Emperor.

546 Sapphire Citadel and Seiyaku. After the decapitation of Grawlsnark, a minor noble of the Imperial Elves name Kenta, found a large sapphire on the battlefield that disrupted magic. He began to believe that magic was the root of all evils. Kenta and his followers were exiled from the empire for heresy. His group known as Seiyaku came to Helios Empire and gained an even bigger following. Kenta, fearing that the temptation of magic was too great, moved his following to the town of Davenport and began to build the Sapphire Citadel.

550 The Black Dawn. A cult had sprung up after Grawlsnark Reckoning, prophesying the time when the night would overtake day. The cult was immediately labeled a threat and banned in the Helios Empire

557 Dismissal of the Lion Knights. For more then 200 years the Lion Knights had kept the Helios Empire safe, but corruption had begun to wither away at the morals and practices of the Lion Knights, arrogance and pride had replaced humility and service. Members of the Black Dawn were in the highest echelons of the Lion Knights. After a foiled assassination attempt by the Lion Knights on Emperor Tavish which killed his son, the emperor disbanded the Lion Knights and executed all the Leaders of the Lion Knights.

566-575 Decade of Fullmoons. Also known as the lycanthropy epidemic. Out of nowhere, half men half animals came upon the Helios Empire that spread the disease known as lycanthropy that turned average commoners into bloodthirsty murderous half bears, boars, wolfs, bats, rats and even rabbits in the Prairie Halfling tribes. Every race and city felt the blow of this decade of suffering in Helios Empire.

576–599 The Black Years. The Cult of the Black Dawn prophecy had been fulfilled and everlasting twilight came to the land of Kardia. The lands erupted in chaos when the Lich King killed Emperor Atticus and declared himself the Emperor of the Helios Empire. With his endless supply of undead minions he brought every city under his control.

599 The Death of the Lich King and the Destruction of Ironlance. After 23 years of twilight a group of adventures dubbed the champions of light slew the Lich King’s Generals and destroyed his philatircay. The mines under the city gave way and Ironlance sunk to the bottom of the chasm.

599 Silversun & Silver Sons founded. Under the leadership of Milas, leader of the Champions of Light founded a city on the Boar Tusk river that thousands flocked to after the destruction of Ironlance. Milas trained the first paladins, warriors who, like knights believed in the structure and right of authorities but believed in the higher authority of Good.

600 Milas Becomes King of the Helios Empire. With great Charisma Milas convinces the other Lords of the Helios Empire to continue in

605–612 Helios Empire Collapses, Helios Wars

606–608 Far Gate Invasion

608 The Great Exodus

Age of Kingdoms &

613 Oplentia Founded

615 Kingdom of Bellum

619 Darksight and the new Religion

625 Adventus and the Water of Claudian

634 Bloodrust and the Deadlands

643 The Corruptsea Wars

657 The Confederacy of Corruptsea

664 The Midorean League Founded

679 Theopolis Founded

686 The Seige of Karadinkeep

700 Harthan’s Crusade

755 Drizzleport becomes Captial

766 Guyahtin Empire Descends

769–775 Ksawery Civil War

778 Cerise Southern Kingdom Joins the Confederacy

787–797 Violet Decade

794 Slave Rebellion

801-804 War of Apples

806 Imperial Reform

817 Milas dies

826 Lizardfolk becomes a state

833-835 Isabella War

849-870 Nepehilim Wars

865-871 Mamushi War

895 Zaryn V Crowned King of Davar

899 Harold V crowned King of Adventus

902 Present


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